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A community dance

Ecstatic Dance
Live art
Food • Cacao • Tea

Om culture Seattle

May 11th, Jun 22nd, July 20th
Aug 17th, Sept 21st

BloomDance is a co-created community dance. We believe that creativity, vitality, sensuality, and joy bloom naturally when a strong foundation of care, consent, trust, and community is established. Join us in weaving our way from the tenderness of care to the immense vitality of joy.

We are committed to creating a space where everyone feels welcome and safe to be themselves and move freely, without judgment.

The cosmos is a flower, perpetually blooming with energy.
At BloomDance, we co-create a journey to fill ourselves and the world with this energy, this vitality, this immensity.

Event Flow

7:30 pm | Doors Open

8:15 pm | Opening Circle for Ecstatic Dance
1:00 am | Doors Close


BloomDance is a monthly Dance to honor and celebrate the immeasurable gift of community. The evening starts with soft music, delicious treats, cacao, hot drinks, tea-lounge, and live painting. With a brief opening circle to co-create a safe space for unbound expression, we begin the ecstatic dance.

Our sets take us on a journey through space-time, traversing diverse landscapes of tempos and emotions, rich in textures, sexy and sensual, awakening every aspect of our being, adventuring to the ends of the cosmos and back, together as a community, ending in a sound bath.

Get to know the beloved community of BloomDancers!

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Our SUpporters

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What is the spirit of this dance?

BloomDance is founded on the clarity that creativity, vitality, sensuality, and joy bloom naturally from a strong foundation of care, trust, and community. So together, let us weave the strongest web of care and trust we have ever weaved, so we can have the most ecstatic time while we are still alive.

What kind of a dance is this?

We are deeply committed to co-creating a dance where everyone feels welcome and safe to be, a space in which we can all be free to express ourselves in dance, without judgment.****

What kind of music is played at the dance?

The music curated for the dance is eclectic, curated to take us on a journey through a vast landscape of tempos and emotions, rich in textures, sexy and sensual, to awaken every part of our being, adventuring to the ends of the cosmos and back, together as a community.

The dance starts with slow music, encouraging people to tune into their bodies, relaxing and stretching to soft melodies. Then the tempo begins to pick up, to get dancers grooving to rich, sexy, and sensual songs. The tempo and energy of the music continues to pick up, rising to a peak, where it remains for a while, taking everyone to a crescendo together. Then, the tempo begins to slow down, gently bringing people to stillness towards the end of the set.

Can we dance with others?

We invite people to dance with each other, but only after it is very clear that the interest is mutual. Consent can be established non-verbally with eye contact or by extending a hand, or verbally by asking the person if they would like to dance. A person’s choice of self-expression is not an invitation for non-consensual touching. We are here to care for each other, psychological and physically, which means we are taking full responsibility for not making each other uncomfortable.

We are weaving a web of care. When there is care, there is real responsibility. Care doesn’t follow responsibility. A deep sense of care is one and the same thing as a deep sense of responsibility, which is true integrity, the foundation of love.

Is a dance experience required?

Not at all. Ecstatic dance has no instruction, no steps to follow, and no right or wrong way to dance. We are invited to move our bodies in whatever way feels right to us.

Do I have to dance with other people?

No, you don’t. Some people do dance together at times, but there is no expectation one way or the other. At times you may dance by yourselves, at times with others. There is always a beautiful blend of people dancing by themselves or together.

How can we approach someone if we want to dance with them?

There are many ways to approach someone if you’d like to dance with them. And all of them involve a deep sense of listening to one’s own being and that of the other. Listening to one’s own being is very important, to see what is the nature of the desire that is making us want to dance with someone? If we can ask ourselves, is this a nourishing way to interact with someone, we will likely interact with others in a way that feels right to both. So, in listening to oneself, one holds a mirror up for oneself, allowing one to see through one’s own desires.

Listening to others’ energy is important because the other person may not be in a state of being to desire contact with someone. So, if we step into their space at such a moment, we are being insensitive. Even if we ask them verbally if they want to dance, we may be acting insensitively, because we may be putting them under pressure in a moment where they may not be in the best position to answer that question with clarity.

Therefore, listening to oneself and another is of greatest significance. We can approach someone by dancing with them from a distance if the interest feels mutual. However, we cannot assume that we can touch the person. When dancing with someone, we invite you to be present and step into every moment of dance together, which means move towards contact only if it is completely mutual. Please do not force it and bring others discomfort.

If people are dancing in a group, can we join them?

We encourage you to listen to your own being and to the energy of the group. If the energy of the group feels inviting, which you can tell by making eye contact with the people, you can gently step into the dance, avoiding inappropriate touching.

What are the offerings?

Live art. Delicious treats. Massage + Yoga area. Tea Lounge. Cacao lounge.

Where is the dance held?

The dance takes place at Om Culture, a warm and luscious space, with a beautiful dance floor.


When shall we arrive?

We encourage you to arrive around 7pm to relax and nourish your being with delicious treats and the sweet company of other people. We would like for most people to join us for the opening ceremony so we can all be part holding the intentions with which we are co-creating the dance.

Can we arrive after 8pm?

We encourage you to arrive for the opening circle for the dance, but if for some reason, you cannot make it on time, we would still love for you to join, so come! We will have someone share what you need to know when you arrive.

What to wear?

The theme of the dance is Spring Freshness, so we encourage you to dress colorful and sexy.

Will there be food?

Yes, there will be delicious treats, beverages, and cacao.

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Our Founders

Adnan is the creator of BloomDance. He is a physicist, writer, dancer. 

Noé is the co-creator of BloomDance. He is an entrepreneur, yogi, dancer. 

Bloom DancE

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